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Welcome to Gulf Coast Medical Associates. Call our team today and find out how regenerative medicine in Estero FL can help you.

At Gulf Coast Medical Associates, our medical professionals establish a very professional and comfortable atmosphere. Our Board-certified Medical Doctor has over 40 years of DIVERSE experience, such as Family Practice, Emergency Medicine, and Sports Medicine, just to name a few. Just like you, we understand the needs of any individual! We specialize in regenerative care and making sure that tomorrow, there is a healthier and more efficient you. Gulf Coast Medical Associates is centrally located in Estero about a quarter mile west of 75.

Our mission is to serve the public of Southwest Florida in all capacities relating to preventive and regenerative healthcare at a cost-effective and proficient manner. Call now and schedule your first free appointment with our office and looking forward to helping you become your best possible self.

Gulf Coast Medical Associates


Why our approach is different

We are a licensed medical clinic in Southwest Florida that provides state-of-the-art health regenerative treatment, using the most advanced technology in the field, including aesthetic services, orthopedic care, regenerative medicine and much more!

Unlike most clinics, we never use entry level medical personnel and our Medical Doctor has over 40 years of prior experience.

We do not accept private insurance or Medicare, therefore we are not restricted by the all-powerful insurance companies that dictates the treatments they want to pay for. Although we do process the paperwork necessary for our patients to get reimbursed. In our experience patients can get anywhere from 40% to 70% of their treatment cost repaid. This is a service most clinics will typically not offer, and we do it FREE of charge.

We accept many different forms of payment including all Major Credit Cards, Cash, Personal Checks and financing options available.


The Benefits of INTEGRATIVE Care

Your first medical consultation is FREE! Although we require a reservation fee that will be returned upon appointment, leave your wallet at home. No strings attached and most importantly, no surprises. A typical medical exam and consultation by most typical clinics will be anywhere from $199-$299, but at Gulf Coast Medical Associates, you get this for FREE….

We don't endorse just one medical solution for a single condition, we offer all practical NON-SURGICAL treatment options. That's right, no Surgeries, Needles, or Medications needed with our treatment protocols with our State-of-The-Art technology. Our medical protocols, not only are proven to be the most dominant but SURPASS the industry standards.


We offer a variety of services to best help you

We offer a variety of innovative medical solutions and our medical team is very competent and trained to handle any questions or concerns you may have and most importantly address your specific medical needs.

Our Acoustic Energy Wave Therapy is the most comprehensive treatment protocol in The United States supported by more than one hundred clinical studies that verify results. We utilize the industry leading Storz Medical Pressure Wave equipment that was designed and manufactured in Switzerland. Storz Medical has been designing and manufacturing innovative best-in-class products for urology since the 1980's.


You don't have to live in pain. We are here to help you get your life back.

Symptoms We Can Help with in Estero

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Regenerative Medicine Estero FL Neuropathy Foot


If you are struggling with neuropathy, call our team today for help.


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Regenerative Medicine Estero FL Erectile Dysfunction And Peyronie's


Do you struggle with ED? Call today for options!


Is chronic pain bothering you?
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